Dallas, Texas -

It's not a bird or a plane. It's Captain Heeney.
"I think it's cool," the Hutchinson product said. "I mean it's harmless. It's not going to change the way I play or anything like that."
KU senior linebacker Ben Heeney is a superhero on the field with almost 200 tackles in the last two years. He might get his inspiration from another Hutch based hero.
"It would have to be Superman because he has all of the powers," Heeney said." Plus he's from Kansas. Smallville, Kansas."
Despite all of the superhero nicknames, he is the only Jayhawk on the preseason All-Big 12 team and last year's unquestioned leader of the KU defense. He still feels like he has something to prove.
"If I stop trying to get better then what's the rest of the team going to do. I definitely have a lot more to prove this year because we went 3-9 last year. If I don't have anything else to prove then I'm not doing my job."
But he's not invincible. Last year he missed two games with a knee injury so he's back with a vengeance and drooling for a chance to lead his Jayhawks to bowl berth.
"You know we have 30-40 seniors on this team that you know this is our last shot so we are doing everything possible in our power to get to a bowl game and win as many games as possible this year."