WICHITA, Kansas -

Talk about fast learners. Members of the Wichita State engineering program are getting a lesson at more than 200 miles per hour.

“I guess what surprised me the most is I expected things to be a lot more frantic,” said WSU engineering student Scott Banman.

This past weekend some of the WSU students who participate in the Formula SAE racing team were guest of the Sarah Fisher-Hartman race team, which is co-owned by Wichita businessman Wink Hartman, during the IndyCar race at the Iowa Speedway.

“It's definitely awesome to see all of the different classes we've been in, to see how it actually plays in,” said Banman.

Adds fellow student Ryan Hoadley, “It was really nice to see how things progress from where we're at in our formula program up to the professional level.”

That's the idea behind the trip and the WSU race team, converting those classroom lessons and giving them real world applications.

When you go to class, when you go to example physics, you have a theoretical race car question and that's alright. You figure out the problem do the math behind it. But that's where it stops,” said Levi Grove. “When you come to Formula you do the exact same work, but you get to see the result.”

Even for these students who are used to life in the fast lane, this past weekend exceeded even their expectations.

“We figured we would get to see the race from the stands and maybe we would get to see their garage from outside the door,” said Grove. “To be able to be up close and personal with the car was just amazing.”

And it provided some inspiration.

“It’s nice to get out there and see that's where we can be and that's where I'd like to be,” said Hoadley. “So it definitely gives us some impersonation of things we are capable of doing.”

It was a good weekend for the students and SFH Race team, which scored a career best finish of second. The car was also sponsored by the WSU athletic department.