This is my request of Wichita State basketball fans right now:  just breathe, people!  

Gregg Marshall isn't going to Missouri and he isn't leaving Wichita State this season.  Isn't that good enough for you right now?  You cannot be naive enough to believe that Marshall will stay in Wichita forever.  Wichita State is not a job you stay in forever.  It's a stepping stone, like it or not, and Marshall is almost on his final stone.  But that's ok!  He's taken this program to amazing heights on such a fun ride so relax and enjoy it!

After I reported what Coach Marshall texted to me earlier this afternoon people were immediately picking apart the statement and trying to read into it.  Here's some advice:  don't do that.  

Gregg is staying this year and that's all you really need to know.  I mean, seriously, isn't that enough?

Is there more to the story?  Absolutely!  Is there more to the story that's more relevant than "Gregg Marshall isn't leaving Wichita State this year"?  No.  Any other information is superfluous.  He's staying.  End of story.

Maybe that sounds like bad or lazy journalism and you can believe that if you will.  I do want to know the whole story but it's not eating at me because it's not of the utmost importance.  

If Marshall had broken a law then yes, I absolutely would be fighting non-stop to find new details.  But Marshall isn't leaving and really isn't that all we wanted to hear?

When Gene Stephenson was fired by Wichita State I stood outside of his office when Eric Sexton was inside talking to him.  I heard everything and I mean everything.  However, I didn't report even a fraction of what I heard because it wasn't necessary but rather it was inflammatory.  

Of course Gregg talked to Missouri!  If a better job came open in your field of work that was potentially offering you millions more than you were currently making I bet you'd consider that job as well!  

The overwhelming sentiment among me and my fellow journalists, local and national, is that Marshall's heart just wasn't in Columbia.  Gregg is a meticulous decision-maker and he would never jump at a job just because of the name.  Gregg, in my opinion, feels he's earned the right to be wooed.  He wants to be romanced in a way by a school and you know what, you're darn right he's earned that. 

So for now, fans in Wichita, please just breathe.  Please take a second to understand that Gregg is going to be here at least another year and right now that's icing on the cake.