Two of NASCAR’s most popular drivers make pit stops in Kansas on Thursday. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. traveled to Topeka to talk to students at Seaman high school, while Kasey Kahne visited with elementary school students in Kansas City.

Junior talked to students in Topeka about the importance of staying in school and to announce a program called ‘Race to Achieve.’ That program encourages physics student to build spring propelled race cars.

“You guys will physically build what we call ‘mouse trap cars’,” Earnhardt told the students at Seaman. “That’s where you take mouse traps and use the trap its self to propel the car.”

Kahne was at Overland Park Elementary as part of the ‘Thank you a million Teachers” program of his sponsor Farmers Insurance. That logo will be on his race car this weekend. As part of teacher appreciation week, Kahne talked with students and teachers, plus he gave on lucky teacher tickets to Saturday night’s race.

“Teachers play such an important role in helping students pursue their dreams so I’m proud to be a part of the Farmers Insurance ‘Thank A Million Teachers’ program,” Kahne said. “It’s great being able to show our appreciation towards these amazing teachers who have positively influenced our lives.”