Wichita State's Head Men's Basketball Coach Gregg Marshall shared a powerful message he gave to his team during their first team meeting, as he spoke  today at the Better Business Bureau's 1st Annual Integrity Awards Luncheon.

"I had my first team meeting yesterday with the boys, and I said 'guys, if you want success the easiest way to assure yourself of success is to surround  yourself with other success-driven people, and by  joining this organization that's what you have elected to do.'"

Marshall was selected to be the keynote speaker for BBB's event,which honored local business owners for their integrity and good practices. Students were also honored for their display of integrity in the community.

While detailing his thoughts on integrity, Marshall used his early struggles as head coach to demonstrate what hard work, persistence and a team first attitude can do. Marshall recalls a  moment in time when his team was 0-6 in the conference and he began to have doubt, but he continued to demand excellence from himself, staff and players.

"We just continued to keep our heads down and work, grind everyday and try to get better. Eventually we turned it around. In our third season we won 25 games, and the next season we won 29, which was a school record at the the time. We asked our guys to buy into our culture. Our culture is becoming something bigger than yourself -- buying into team. Our players care about the good of the team more than personal stats."

The crowd in attendance gave Marshall a standing ovation after his keynote address.

Contribution by Rahim Thompson