Dallas, Texas -

It's a second chance at the game he loves.

"I love it," said Miami (Ohio) transfer Nick Harwell.  "I can't describe how much I am excited and happy to be here. Funny story my Mom is a huge Jayhawk fan and I didn't even know it until I got here."

 It's a huge pick up for the Jayhawks.

"Obviously wide receiver is one of the multiple positions that we've struggled at over the last couple years and I think adding a valuable senior leader like Nick has really elevated the team and his teammates to perform better," said head coach Charlie Weis.

Three-time All-MAC receiver Nick Harwell was dismissed from Miami University last spring due to off-field issues. He transferred to KU hoping to suit up but was forced to redshirt.

"I feel like it was a blessing in disguise you know going through the winter, spring and summer," Harwell said.  "I feel like this year is our year."

Harwell will wear No. 8 and is eager to be Montell Cozart's go-to receiver. He's bringing something to this Jayhawk offense they've desperately needed.

"He's just a guy that you want on your team and he likes to trash talk a lot which I like," said senior linebacker Ben Heeney. "There are times that he just makes ridiculously amazing plays where he will catch the ball in the flat over here and make some crazy moves to take it all the way in for a touchdown."

His hard work is paying off. He's hasn't suited up on game day but Weis already selected him as one of the four to come to Dallas.

"I'm kind of surprised that he brought me because of how new I am but in the same breath I know how hard I work and I know what I can bring to the table," Harwell added.

The Jayhawks open their season on September 6th and after all the adversity, Harwell will finally get to show what he can do as a Jayhawk.