Wichita, Kan. -

Their teammates and coaches call it a "Bromance". They prefer to say it's just brotherly love.

“I think everybody is just jealous of us," said Wild QB Rocky Hinds. "We are two big, sexy guys on the team, everybody loves us, we love each other and everybody is just jealous.”

However you say it, it's easy to see that Rocky Hinds and defensive back Chris Hemphill are more than just friends.

“Like he just knows me in and out," said Hemphill. "Like he knows what foods I like and what shows I like and stuff we are going to wear. Like the other day we had on the same shoes, same kind of jeans, same stuff like that.”

“The same color," Hinds added.

“Yeah, the same color.”

“Without asking each other.”

“Without even talking.”

Their unique friendship stems all the way back to a high school rivalry.

“Competition on the field," said Hemphill. "He played quarterback. I’m the quarterback of the defense so I always took pride in shutting down the other team’s best player and he was their best player."

Hinds remembers their high school years a little too well.

“You know we always used to spend the night at each other’s house the night before games until…remember when you got kicked out of my house because he hit me late in the game one time and hit me like five yards out of bounds," he said. "He hit me late so he wasn’t allowed back at my house until we got older.”

After growing up in L.A. together, they had to go their separate ways to pursue their professional careers. But Fate and a good word from Rocky would bring them back together.

“It’s like old times, you know, spending nights at the crib," Hemphill said. "In the twin bed, head to feet though, not face to face.”

“We have fun, we are always together,” Hinds responded. "You can’t see me without him and vice versa or verse visa.”