Maize, KS -

In a meeting of KHSAA officials tonight, one key point driven home was the implementation of a "targeting" rule to help protect high school players.

"We felt like we just needed to make sure we defined it. We've always had contact to the head in the rule, and it's always been there," said KHSAA Assistant Athletic Director Mark Lentz. "You hear the word targeting now on television, so we wanted to make sure we had it in our rule so that when people see the call on the field they understand that's what is being made. It's there to protect those kids."

Several videos of plays were played and discussed to help the officials clearly see what will be penalized. In one video the narration clearly stated "This type of play needs to be eliminated from high school football."

Around 100 officials were on hand to discuss a variety of topics as the 2014 season approaches. One other notable rule change is that on a Kick-Off, at least four players must be lined up on each side of the ball. Another rule set up to protect the players from injury.