Dallas, Texas -

For KSU receiver Tyler Lockett and quarterback Jake Waters it was friendship at first sight. Kind of.

"Our relationship started off really good because I was able to host him," said Lockett. "He showed me a video of him doing a windmill so I immediately said you have to play on our team during intramurals."

He got out recruited by Currie Sexton. But no hard feelings, Lockett's team beat them and now they have a special relationship.

"I can talk to him about anything on the field or personal," said Waters It doesn't matter what we say because we spend so much time together throwing to each other, watching film and hanging out. He's just such a special friend to me."

And that's what has meant a lot.

"Now going into football we can find ways to cope with practice," Lockett said. "Different ways to get through practice and that's a relationship I hope I have for the rest of my life."

They've only known each other a year but that's all they've needed to blossom both on and off the field.

"He keeps me all the time after practice," Waters said about Lockett. "Sometimes I want to go and he's like 'Jake, let's throw a little more.' He's always wanting to work harder and practice more. That's just Tyler."

It's paying off. Lockett, the All-Big 12 receiver led the conference in all-purpose yards and receiving yards per game. And Waters is entering this year as the undisputed starting quarterback.

"Everything's not going to be new to me again," Waters said. "Everything was new last year but now it's my second time through and I feel like I've been here a lot longer."

These guys exemplify K-State's "It's All About Family" motto. Always making each other better.