Matt Robinson has been the face of the Wichita Thunder franchise for a couple years now.

He’s quietly grown into that role. But if you don’t think of Robinson in the same category as Thunder greats like Jason Duda and Travis Clayon, maybe it’s time to think again. Going into tonight’s home game against Rapid City, Robinson has scored 92 goals and has 160 points in a Thunder uniform, putting him among the franchise leaders in both categories.

Robinson, 28, says he’ll retire after this season. He and his wife are building a home in Washington. Every day he will commute 20 minutes over the border to his hometown of South Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver, where he plans to be a sporting goods sales rep with his father.

But Wichita has left a mark on Robinson. Literally. He married a local woman and if you check out his Twitter account - @16MattRobinson – you may have never seen a pair of matching tattoos quite like the ones they’re now wearing.

Click here to see the tattoos

We asked Robinson for an interview, with this twist: The questions and answers would be Tweets only, in 140 characters or less.

Thanks for entering the octagon, Matt. How are you doing today?

@16MattRobinson       Very good and ready to do battle!!!

How did you lose the tip of your finger?

@16MattRobinson       A guy slashed my hand hard and the pressure of the slash was so much it blew the tip of my finger off it was pretty gruesome

How much of the tip was it? Were they able to reattach it?

@16MattRobinson       It was the whole tip above the finger nail and they did their best but I have a nub for a finger haha

How would you describe your season so far as an individual?

@16MattRobinson       As an individual I would say I'm doing alright right now but I know I could be better I'm close to getting a 100 goals in a thunder uniform

@16MattRobinson       Which I would be only the 5 player to do so in thunder history

And how well do you know your Thunder history?

@16MattRobinson       Haha not well I know Duda is the go to guy as well as Clayton for records and were back to back champs in the 90's

You have one minute. What two seasons were those?

@16MattRobinson       Wow really putting me on the spot here haha I think it was the 93/94 and 94/95 seasons if not I'm in trouble

Very good! You've been a mainstay on some of the best teams in franchise history. How would you like Thunder fans to remember you?

@16MattRobinson       I would like them to remember me as a player that gave it his all every game every shift that helped put pucks in the back of the net

You married a girl from Andale. Is there a good story about you met?

@16MattRobinson       I did and yes she worked at Emmerson Biggins and our team was there watching football on Sunday and a guy was creeping her out so I

@16MattRobinson       Pretended to be her bf and it went from there

Nice move! Did you two go out and get matching tattoos that night, or did you wait a few days?

@16MattRobinson       Haha no never made it to the tattoo shop instead my car overheated our first date and I had to push it down maize

What do you drive?

@16MattRobinson       Now a 2012 passat but at the time that happened I had a beat up 03 land rover discovery

Let's get back to the tattoos. Are they both on you, or do each of you have one? It's hard to tell from the picture.

@16MattRobinson       I have one and she has one as well but it's like the cut out piece of me is sewn on to her. I know it sounds cheesy but we like it

It actually kind of looks like someone carved a puzzle piece out of your flesh. Was this your idea?

@16MattRobinson       Ya that was the idea a local friend did it for us and he did a great job. That's been the cool thing playing here have met a lot of good

@16MattRobinson       People outside of hockey the 4 years I have been here

What do you think the average hockey fan doesn't realize about the lives you guys lead?

@16MattRobinson       A lot of fans think we make a lot of money but we don't haha I could probably make more doing something else but this is what I love!

Have many fights have you been in?

@16MattRobinson       With my wife or in hockey? haha but I would say a total of 8 in my entire career but I'm a lover not a fighter

Were all eight of those on the ice?

@16MattRobinson        Ya I have never been In a street fight in my life which is a good thing I guess

Best sports movie ever made?

@16MattRobinson       That's easy "slap shot"  That's the most close realistic version of a hockey movie there is and the lives we lead

Have you even seen "Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice?"

@16MattRobinson       Ya it's awful   They have tried to duplicate that movie and other people have tried to come out with hockey movies but they aren't close