The city of Wichita will boast a new professional indoor football team, and that team will need a place to play.

Local businessman Marvin Fisher is named the Managing General Partner of a collection of investors called Wichita Football LLC.

Former Wichita Wild head coach Paco Martinez will assume the same role for the new team, which has yet to establish a team name or logo. 

The time frame to sell the Wichita Wild had passed, so Fisher spearheaded a group of businessmen to buy a franchise outright.

Despite a deal with former Wichita Wild owner Wink Hartman going sour, Fisher says playing at Hartman Arena is still a possibility for the new franchise.  

This team will join the newly merged CPIFL and LSFL indoor football league. 

Fisher’s reemergence into the indoor professional football scene in Wichita  comes after a perplexing sales process with Wichita Wild owner Wink Hartman. 

The sale of the Wild appeared imminent after Fisher reached a handshake agreement with Hartman to purchase the team. According to sources close to KWCH Sports, Fisher had the paperwork for the transaction in his hands late in July. It appeared a mere formality was the only delay in the inevitable sales process, but technicalities distorted the transaction and the deal collapsed on the table.