There are a lot of things that are the same when you compare this seasons trip to the NCAA Tournament for the Wichita State women and last season’s. The Lady Shockers are once again the lower seed and they are playing on their opponent’s home court. But as WSU is concerned, there is one very important difference on this trip to the Big Dance and the match versus Penn State, they have been there before.

“The biggest thing is when you see something happening, you have to figure out a way to get it done,” said junior Alex Harden. “You need to move the ball around a little bit more, go inside, go outside, figure out way to get stops, and go from there.”

This is the first ever meeting between the Shockers and Nittany Lions. WSU is making just its second trip in school history to the NCAA tournament, Penn State has lots of tournament experience.

“The experience and tradition is very different, comparing two different programs,” said Adams. “We do not want to be Wichita State that shows up at the NCAAs for one game. We want to be the one that carries deep, and so having players being here for the second time, that is huge for a program. Tradition is being built, and they will come back and share with current players what it's like, and gaining expectations of winning at NCAA Tournament.”

Assistant coach Dana Eikenberg is making her return to Penn State. She played for the Nittany Lions in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

“To come back with Wichita State as a Shocker into the NCAA tournament, which is something as a player and a coach that you work hard for, it makes it extra special to come back home to a place that I called home,” said Eikenberg. “But, to come back as a Shocker and be one of 64 is really special.”