Wichita, KS

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Hi: 54° Lo: 40°

Feels like 50°F
Precipitation: 10%
Humidity: 83%

Dewpoint: 45°
Heat Index: 50°
Wind Direction: E
Wind Speed: 10 mph

Sunrise: 07:41:27 am
Sunset: 05:39:19 pm

Early fog then cloudy with spotty sprinkles late. Wind: S/SE 5-15

5 PM


Humidity: 82%
Precip: 10%

6 PM


Humidity: 87%
Precip: 0%

7 PM


Humidity: 89%
Precip: 10%

8 PM


Humidity: 91%
Precip: 10%

9 PM


Humidity: 91%
Precip: 0%

10 PM


Humidity: 93%
Precip: 0%


Hi: 58° Lo: 37

Hi: 57° Lo: 35

Hi: 50° Lo: 30

Hi: 54° Lo: 38

Hi: 55° Lo: 29

Hi: 39° Lo: 24

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Chief Meteorologist Ross Janssen says that dense fog will develop overnight and the clouds will stick around too. Many areas over central and eastern Kansas will see visibility dropping below 1/4 of a mile early Friday.

Low temperatures are expected to stay above freezing for most of the state. Readings will be down in the 30s to near 40 with light winds.

After the foggy start early Friday, look for a cloudy sky into the afternoon. Highs will be in the 40s and 50s with light south winds. A few sprinkles may develop in northern Kansas Friday evening, but it won't amount to much for the areas that do see rain.

A stronger storm system will slide across Oklahoma into the weekend. It will bring a chance for rain showers to southern Kansas Saturday evening/night. It will stay warm enough to prevent any winter weather hazards over the weekend. Cooler weather arrives for the second half of the weekend.


**Dense Fog advisory until 10 a.m. Friday

Tonight: Cloudy with areas of fog/drizzle late. Wind: E 5-10. Low: 40.

Tomorrow: Foggy early/some drizzle, then mostly cloudy. Wind: SE/S 5-10. High: 56.

Tomorrow night: Becoming partly cloudy. Wind: SW 5-10. Low: 36.

Sat: High: 57 Partly cloudy. Chance for a few rain showers overnight.
Sun: High: 52 Low: 35 Decreasing clouds. Breezy and cooler.
Mon: High: 55 Low: 29 Mostly sunny to partly cloudy. Breezy.
Tue: High: 53 Low: 40 Partly cloudy and windy.
Wed: High: 40 Low: 27 Partly cloudy and windy.
Thu: High: 39 Low: 20 Partly cloudy and breezy.


Latest Forecast

Updated: 4:35 PM - Fog will be rather thick early Friday and could slow your morning commute.