Wichita, KS

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Hi: 73° Lo: 63°

Feels like 67°F
Precipitation: 20%
Humidity: 100%

Dewpoint: 67°
Heat Index: 67°
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 3 mph

Sunrise: 07:19:30 am
Sunset: 07:20:07 pm

Showers in the morning, turning mostly cloudy in the afternoon. Wind: NW 10-20

4 AM


Humidity: 94%
Precip: 20%

5 AM


Humidity: 92%
Precip: 40%

6 AM


Humidity: 86%
Precip: 60%

7 AM


Humidity: 88%
Precip: 70%

8 AM


Humidity: 88%
Precip: 50%

9 AM


Humidity: 85%
Precip: 20%


Hi: 73° Lo: 50

Hi: 76° Lo: 50

Hi: 78° Lo: 52

Hi: 78° Lo: 55

Hi: 80° Lo: 57

Hi: 80° Lo: 59

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Meteorologist Sarah Fletcher says that a cold front is pushing through Kansas, bringing showers and storms along with it for your Saturday.

These showers and storms will continue to build along the front as it slowly moves eastward, mainly over central and eastern Kansas through the remainder of Saturday. Widespread severe weather is not likely, but we could have a few strong storms, capable of winds around 40 mph and nickel size hail.

Storms will continue overnight, before tapering off on Sunday morning. Behind the front, cooler weather will build in for the end of the weekend. Highs will drop into the lower 70s Sunday.

High pressure will take over through the end of the week, bringing sunny skies and light winds.


Tonight: On-off scattered showers/storms. Wind: S/N 5-15. Low: 63.

Sunday: Morning showers and storms, then mostly cloudy, cooler. Wind: N 10-20; gusty. High: 73.

Sunday night: Partly cloudy and cool. Wind: N 10-20. Low: 50.

Monday: Sunny. Wind: N 5-10. High: 73

Mon: High: 73 Mostly sunny.
Tue: High: 76 Low: 50 Sunny.
Wed: High: 78 Low: 52 Sunny.
Thu: High: 78 Low: 55 Mostly sunny.
Fri: High: 80 Low: 57 Partly cloudy; Breezy with a chance of storms overnight.
Sat: High: 80 Low: 59 Partly cloudy; Breezy.


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Posted: 09/24/2016 - A cold front is pushing through Kansas, bringing showers and storms along with it for your Saturday.