Wichita, KS

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Hi: 62° Lo: 50°

Feels like 50°F
Precipitation: 0%
Humidity: 83%

Dewpoint: 45°
Heat Index: 50°
Wind Direction: ESE
Wind Speed: 10 mph

Sunrise: 07:19:48 am
Sunset: 07:48:30 pm

Increasing clouds. Showers and storms develop near sunset. Wind: E 10-20g

9 AM


Humidity: 81%
Precip: 0%

10 AM


Humidity: 75%
Precip: 0%

11 AM


Humidity: 70%
Precip: 0%

12 PM


Humidity: 65%
Precip: 0%

1 PM


Humidity: 60%
Precip: 20%

2 PM


Humidity: 58%
Precip: 20%


Hi: 62° Lo: 46

Hi: 56° Lo: 39

Hi: 60° Lo: 42

Hi: 62° Lo: 45

Hi: 60° Lo: 44

Hi: 61° Lo: 43

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Meteorologist Mark Larson says there's another round of rain and more thunderstorms headed to Kansas Tuesday through Thursday as weather-maker slowly rolls across our region.

Rain, and embedded, non-severe thunderstorms, will slowly spread eastward from western Kansas through the day Tuesday. Locally heavy rains will be possible for the west but threats for severe weather will stay to our south in Oklahoma and Texas.

The storm system will slowly spin its way through our region bringing Kansas occasional rain and passing storms, off and on, through Thursday morning followed by cooler drier weather with highs in the 50s Thursday afternoon.

Rain totals over the next few days will range from half an-inch to up to three inches in a few isolated areas.

We'll get a break from the rain by week's end but there's more in our forecast this weekend.

Wichita Area Forecast:

Today: Mostly cloudy and breezy; Showers late. Wind: E 10-20; gusty. High: 60.

Tonight: Occasional rain/scattered storms likely. Wind: E/NE 10-15. Low: 52.

Tomorrow: Rain and isolated storms likely; Breezy. Wind: NE 10-20; gusty. High: 61.

Tomorrow night: Rain and storms taper to showers. Wind: NE/N 10-15. Low: 45.

Thu: High: 55 Early showers then mostly cloudy.
Fri: High: 60 Low: 39 Partly cloudy.
Sat: High: 63 Low: 42 Partly cloudy. O-night showers/storms.
Sun: High: 61 Low: 48 Off and on showers.
Mon: High: 67 Low: 46 Early showers; Mostly cloudy.
Tue: High: 72 Low: 42 Mostly sunny.


Latest Forecast

Updated: 7:54 AM - Another wave of rain and storms will be marching across Kansas through midweek with heavy rain possible for some.