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Where are 'Married... with Children' stars today?

POSTED: 09:26 PM CST Jan 20, 2014    UPDATED: 01:00 AM CST Jan 19, 2016 

With Katey Sagal celebrating her 62nd birthday on Tuesday, join us for a look at where she and her "Married… with Children" co-stars are today.

Married with Children - intro cast
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"Married… with Children," which was the first prime-time series to air on the then-fledgling Fox Network, premiered on April 5, 1987, and followed the adventures of the Bundys, a stereotypical "white trash" dysfunctional American family living in a fictional suburb of Chicago. The sitcom, which often stirred up controversy with its crude and sexual humor, ended up running for a total of 11 seasons before ending in June 1997.


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