Roadrunner chick hatches at Garden City’s Lee Richardson Zoo

Garden City's Lee Richardson Zoo celebrated its first hatching of a roadrunner chick
Garden City's Lee Richardson Zoo celebrated its first hatching of a roadrunner chick(Lee Richardson Zoo)
Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 2:58 PM CDT
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Garden City’s Lee Richardson Zoo announces a new arrival, adding to its greater roadrunner population. On June 3, the zoo had its first hatching of a roadrunner chick. The baby speedster joins the zoo’s male and female roadrunners, its parents, Chevy and Lexus.

“The hatchling became mobile at a little over two weeks of age. To protect the little one from getting into trouble, the Marie Osterbuhr Aviary flight is currently closed while the hatchling learns its way around and to stay out from under feet walking nearby,” a news release from the Lee Richardson Zoo said.

The zoo said “in the near future,” a blood test will determine the baby roadrunner’s sex. While the flight is closed, visitors to the Lee Richardson Zoo can see many of the facility’s birds from outside the enclosure.

Zookeeper Brandon Carmichael said the roadrunner chick at the Lee Richardson Zoo takes after both of its parents; timid with people like Lexus (its mother), but always ready to eat like its father, Chevy.

“It’s also very vocal, letting its mom and dad know its every need and want,” the zoo said.

The Lee Richardson Zoo said greater roadrunners are native to shrubland and grasslands of the southwestern United States and Mexico. As with the cartoon roadrunner from “Looney Tunes,” they do prefer walking or running to flying. While running, their top speed is 20 miles per hour.

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