FACT CHECK: Factfinder 12 looks into ad’s immigration claims against U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hamilton

Ad claims Bob Hamilton hired undocumented immigrant
Published: Jul. 8, 2020 at 11:15 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Campaign ads leading into the August GOP primary continue airing across Kansas and Factfinder 12 continues to pick those ads apart get you the facts behind the claims.

More than one ad that began airing in early July makes the claim U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hamilton hired an undocumented immigrant to work at his plumbing business. One ad, paid for by Keep Kansas Great PAC ends by with the statement, “Giving Kansas jobs to criminal illegal aliens. That’s Bob Hamilton’s record on illegal immigration.”

But is it true?

Another ad approved by Congressman Roger Marshall claims, “May 16, 2012. Federal agents swarm Bob Hamilton’s business investigating Alejandro Manrique, the illegal alien Hamilton hired as a plumber.”

Court documents obtained by Factfinder 12 contained no information Hamilton’s business was swarmed. According to a Kansas Court of Appeals memorandum two federal agents and a detective from Overland Park did visit Bob Hamilton Plumbing on May 16, 2012 in response to a workers compensation claim received by the Kansas Department of Labor.

The claim was for M.C. least that is the social security number Alejandro Hernandez-Manrique used when he filled out the W-4 to work at Bob Hamilton plumbing. By his own account, Alejandro Hernandez-Manrique admits to using someone else’s social security number on his W-4.

The ad goes on to state, “Two years Bob Hamilton sent an illegal alien into people’s homes, breaking our trust.”

Hernandez-Manrique was found guilty of one count of identity theft and one count of making false information, but there is no indication Hamilton knew the man was lying to obtain a job with his company.

In response, Hamilton’s campaign offered this, in part, saying...

"In over 37 years in the plumbing business with hundreds of employees hired, bob was victimized by one individual who stole an identity to get a job, and he was terminated long before bob learned of these illegal acts."

Hamilton’s campaign also says Roger Marshall, the candidate who approved one of the ads, will, “say anything to keep power”...including, they say, covering up a battery conviction. That is a claim airing on another ad will be fact checked by Factfinder 12 as well.

Alex Flippin

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