Some Sedgwick County residents struggle to get tested for Covid-19

Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 5:48 PM CDT
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Eyewitness New is hearing frustrations from those of you trying to get tested for the Coronavirus, saying it’s difficult to get an appointment or figure out your options.

”If you just got sent home because your business had some kind of exposure, then how do you get back to work?” said Carol Ford.

Ford says her son came into close contact with a co-worker who tested positive. He was told to leave work and could only come back once he got a negative test result, but that wasn’t easy.

“I think a lot of the restaurants are having to do that and stuff, so someone either a family member or yourself has tested positive, now everyone has to go, but where do you go?” said Ford.

Ford says her son tried calling the county’s 211 hotline and was transferred to GraceMed, but he couldn’t get tested there because he didn’t have any symptoms. Then he called his primary care doctor and eventually got a test, but those results still aren’t back. So he tried Xpress Wellness Urgent Care in Andover. It’s one of the few places that does a rapid test. After two attempts of showing up in the early morning, he finally got in, and got a negative result.

“Lots of people were there waiting, just so they could go back to work,” said Ford.

When you do get your results back, how do you know it’s correct? Dr. Garold Minns, Sedgwick County’s Health Officer, says your results depend on the specific test you take and the technique used to collect it. He says not using the proper swab could produce a false negative.

“The PCR test, whether it’s rapid or non-rapid, is pretty good. The problem with the rapid test is we can’t get enough... we can’t do a high volume,” said Dr. Minns

Like Ford’s son, you may have to try multiple routes, and hope to get a clear result.

“It’s just been messy,” said Ford.

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