3 helpful tips for teaching your kids to wear a mask

Published: Jul. 22, 2020 at 8:25 AM CDT
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Many school districts in Kansas will require children to wear a mask while at school. It can be difficult to get your kid to wear a mask for eight hours. Dr. Amy Seery at Ascension Via Christi says parents should help their kids get used to it before school starts.

1. Kids need time to adjust. Wearing a mask is new and takes time to get used to. Have your kids wear the mask while at home during activities like screentime or while they’re watching TV. The mask will become more comfortable over time.

2. Use a story to encourage mask-wearing. Dr. Seery says kids may not respond well if you tell them masks slow the spread of the virus. She says they may respond better to stories about superheroes, for example. “It’s always good to be honest with children, but this is kind of like being a superhero. It’s kind of a combination mask/cape sort of outfit, this is your special superhero outfit to help you protect other people in your community,” said Dr. Seery.

3. Let your child pick the mask. Your child could be more excited to wear the mask if it’s a color or pattern they like.

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