FACT CHECK: Factfinder 12 looks into more claims against Congressional candidate Bill Clifford

Published: Jul. 27, 2020 at 6:59 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - In a little more than one week, Republicans in Kansas will head to the polls for the Aug. 4 primary. Ahead of that, FactFinder 12 continues to fact check claims made in political ads leading up to the election.

Monday, FactFinder 12 went over an ad for Tracy Mann, making claims about one of his First Congressional District seat opponents, Bill Clifford. The ad making claims about Clifford is paid for by the campaign for Mann who approved its message.

The first claim said that as a Finney County commissioner, Clifford repeatedly voted to increase property taxes on farmers small business owners and homeowners.

FactFinder 12 has already checked a similar claim made in another ad. During his time as Finney County commissioner, Clifford did vote to increase taxes more than once.

Another claim from Mann’s campaign accuses Clifford of criticizing President Trump’s “tough immigration stance and (supporting) amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

When asked to cite a source for this claim, Mann’s campaign pointed to a Garden City Telegram article from January 2017. In that article, Clifford is quoted as saying there could be “unintended consequences to Trump’s immigration measures,” and that “the U.S. has not had a functional immigration system that for the last 20 years.” Clifford is also quoted as saying he wants Trump to create an immigration system that works correctly.

As far as supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants, Mann’s campaign backs that claim using the same Telegram article where Clifford is quoted as saying, “I feel that folks who are here working honestly, paying taxes, contributing, have nothing to fear. But I do think folks who have criminal intent have everything to fear, and I welcome that.”

FactFinder 12 also reached out to Clifford’s campaign to get their response to the ad. They provided the following statement.

“Conservative Air Force veteran Bill Clifford stands 100 percent behind President Trump, opposes amnesty, and will fight to build the wall and crack down on sanctuary Typical politician Tracey Mann is desperately trying to distract from is liberal, tax-and-spend record.”

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