Football resumes for Wichita Public Schools without spectators

Published: Sep. 12, 2020 at 8:53 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Football is back for student-athletes and fans in Wichita.

The first games of the 2020 season for some schools were played Saturday since the school board voted to allow fall sports.

The games are being played with restrictions - this means no fans were allowed inside the stadiums.

Some parents took creative measures to be able to watch their kids.

At the Northwest game, parents watched the game from outside the fence.

“This is definitely not the same but we get to be in unity, we cheer our boys on,” Erica Minor, Northwest football parent, said. “We’re here through it all, thick-thin, all the adversity. We’re here. We’re supporting.”

Some parents watched from a sports bar and grill, not far from the stadium.

“The fact that we’re here at Hurricane instead of at the stadium isn’t the best, but it’s an amazing opportunity for us to get to see our kids play,” Northwest parent Noelle Jibril said.

Many parents said they would take every precaution to be allowed to sit in the bleachers.

“We would do whatever we have to do to get in there,” Jennifer Johnson, Northwest parent, said. “We would definitely follow the rules. You see we’re actually out here spaced out on the outside of the fence, just trying to get a glimpse.”

And each say no matter where they’re cheering on their athletes, they’ll be there with full support.

“We all support our kids, we love each other, we love each other’s kids. We’re a family,” Jibril said.

“You know there’s no fans. There’s nobody here cheering them on. I’m not sure they can hear us from here, but we’re going to be here to support them anyway. But some of us could really use some tickets to get in, at least a couple every kid,” Johnson said.

The Wichita Board of Education said it needs numbers in the county to continue to improve before fans will be allowed back into the stadiums.

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