Nearby community steps up to help residents being forced out of McPherson mobile home park

Published: Sep. 21, 2020 at 7:32 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - In a story FactFinder 12 reported last week, the City of McPherson filed a petition to evict residents of a mobile home park along Kansas Avenue. Some of those residents told FactFinder 12 investigator Alex Flippin, they had nowhere to go.

Among those residents is Gary Quint who said he had no place to go, nor means to move out. Monday (Sept. 21), Eyewitness News learned that another mobile home park in McPherson has stepped up in a big way to help two of the impacted park’s residents, including Quint.

Mustang Mobile Home Park is donating two homes and organizing people to help fix them up. Manager Kimberly Torske went to the park where Quint lives after seeing the Sept. 16 story on Eyewitness News. She wanted to see if any of the impacted residents would qualify to live in her community. She then went to work, getting her company involved and finding people in the area to help.

“It broke my heart, I really felt horrible for (Quint) being displaced on the TV, and having a limited income and not having a whole lot, didn’t really have the ability to move, and yea, (I) just felt really sad,” Torske said

Hartley Heating and Cooling Owner and Operator, Ian Hartley is among those who immediately offered help from his business.

“I understand what they are going through and understand their anger towards it. So, with that, it made me want to step out even more and help out in any way we possibly can, whether it’s HVAC-related or it’s just raking up the leaves.”

The corporate offices for Mustang Mobile Home Parks are trying to get an extension with the City of McPherson to get more time to fix up their homes for new residents. If you’d like to donate, you can contact the McPherson Housing Coalition at 1826 14th Avenue, McPherson, KS 67460, or donate online at If you donate by check, write “Displaced Persons Fund” as the memo.

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