Intersection where five lost their life Friday known as unsafe to those who live in area

Published: Sep. 27, 2020 at 10:46 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - After an accident at the intersection of 71st St. S. and 263rd St. W. near Viola left five people dead, four of them children, on Friday, some in the surrounding community said they don’t think the intersection is safe.

“It’s definitely an intersection that’s dangerous,” said Ron Daerr, who lives about a half mile down the road from the intersection.

Daerr said he’s lived in the area for several years and has witnessed multiple accidents at the exact intersection, including a crash that he said killed two of his former employees at his furniture store.

“Before I retired, Peggy Burford and her husband were killed at that intersection,” Daerr said.

He said there used to be rumble strips to warn people of the stop sign, but over the years they’ve worn down.

“It’s an even bigger concern now with the deaths that just occurred, we would like to see the rumble strips put back in,” Daerr said. “They get your attention that you’re close to the intersection.”

Daerr isn’t the only person whose witnessed wrecks at the intersection.

Jackie Fullerton’s husband was on his way to work Friday morning when he said he crashed into a truck that ran the stop sign.

Fullerton said while everyone in the accident Friday morning is expected to be ok, they’re heartbroken for the lives that were lost later that same day. They said they want to see Sedgwick County make the intersection safer.

“Put a light that blinks or rumble strips,” Fullerton said. “How many families do you have to lose?”

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