FACT CHECK: Bollier, Marshall make claims using information in each other’s ads

Published: Oct. 1, 2020 at 5:42 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Two political ads running on television have generated a lot of questions from KWCH viewers. The commercials, for U.S. Senate candidates Roger Marshall and Barbara Bollier, each use information taken from the other’s campaign ads. Factfinder 12 looked at the claims made for each to determine what is fact and what is not.

The narrator for an ad, paid for by Barbara Bollier for Kansas, that began running on TV in late September states, “To actually edit video to completely change what an opponent says. That crosses the line and congressman Roger Marshall got caught doing it.”

The claim being made is that Bollier’s rival for U.S. Senate, Roger Marshall, edited video to make it appear as though she said thing that she did not. The Marshall ad in question ran on television in early September. In it, the narrator claims Bollier voted for “dismemberment abortions,” followed by a clip of Bollier saying, “That’s what I believe in my heart.”

Factfinder 12 has already fact checked that abortion claim. We found that in 2015 Bollier was one of 26 senators, including several Republicans, who voted against a bill prohibiting the most commonly used method of abortion for women in their second-trimester. The medical term is “dilation and evacuation,” not “dismemberment abortion.” That bill became law in July of 2015.

The Roger Marshall as used Bollier’s voice in reference to that vote, but her words were taken from her own ad in which she discussed the responsibility of doctors and politicians to be honest. She was not talking about abortion.

In another clip from the Marshall ad, the narrator says Bollier, “Pushed for a gun ban in Kansas,” followed by video of Bollier saying, “I’ll work to ban them nationwide.” Again, the Marshall ad takes Bollier’s words out of context from another of her campaign ads where she speaks about “surprise medical bills.” In that ad, Bollier says, “I’m leading the charge to outlaw surprise bills in Kansas and I approve this message because in Washington, I’ll work to ban them nationwide.”

The Marshall ad does this again with video of Bollier saying, “It’s our responsibility,” while the ad makes the claim the Kansas State Senator pushed for “taxpayer funded tuition for illegal immigrants.” Once again, the ad uses Bollier’s words out of context. The Marshall ad is referencing a bill to repeal a Kansas law that allows the children of undocumented immigrants, who attnded high school in Kansas, to be eligible for in-state tuition. That bill failed.

Factfinder 12 asked Marshall’s campaign to respond to the ad. In an email, Eric Pahls with Kansans for Marshall wrote:

“The ad starts with ‘How would it sound if Barbara Bollier’s ads actually matched her liberal record?’ If we were trying to be sneaky, we may have left that part out. They’ve been unable to refute any of the substance in the ad, so they’re attacking style. Unlike the Bollier campaign, we actually know Kansans are smart enough to understand what they’re watching.”

Bollier’s ad claims Roger Marshall edited video to “completely change what an opponent said.” More accurately, Factfinder 12 found, Marshall’s ad uses Bollier’s words out of context to convey the message his campaign wants to send.

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