WSU confirms internal investigation, Gregg Marshall responds to allegations

Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 9:09 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Update: Friday evening, Oct. 9, 2020 - How could allegations against Wichita State Men’s Head Basketball Coach Gregg Marshall impact the Shocker men’s basketball program? Eyewitness News spoke CBS Sports' Matt Norlander who said something like this may affect the program for years to come. He said he believes the investigation is nearing its end and we could soon have a final answer on the allegations from Wichita State.

“Recruiting will obviously be severely impacted by these kinds of reports, these kinds of details, and that is not something that Wichita State’s administration is going to want to have lingering out there any longer than necessary,” Norlander said.

He said what’s being reported will be investigated, but if no one comes forward to investigators about the claims, they can’t use them against Marshall.

“If nothing can be corroborated by interviews within the investigation, it’s hard to believe that any of that stuff would be used against Marshall’s case, specifically what that you have to get people again repeating what they told reporters to investigators in order for it to have any sort of sticking ability and investigation," Norlander said.

He said because of the investigation, the next few years could be tough for the men’s basketball program.

“This is something that has been going on for months at Wichita State, and with the season now around the corner, scheduled to start on Nov. 25, clearly Wichita State aims and wants to have this wrapped up by the time the season starts so we can have an answer as to whether Gregg Marshall will be on the sideline,” Norlander said.


Update: Friday afternoon, Oct. 9, 2020 - Wichita State Head Men’s Basketball Coach Gregg Marshall responded to allegations against him Friday afternoon, according to a tweet by Jeff Goodman.

Marshall did not respond to any specific allegations.

Goodman, a national writer, covered the story for Stadium. He said he began his reporting after the seventh player, at that time, announced he was transferring from Wichita State after last season. One of those players has decided to stay with the program.

Since that point, Goodman said he began conversations with more than 35 people associated with the program, both former and current players and coaches. He has former player Shaq Morris firsthand confirming Marshall punched him at practice and former player Ty Taylor on record as a witness to what happened. Taylor and Morris are the two who put their names out there. all other sources chose to keep their names out of the report.

Eyewitness News on Friday also spoke with a former player who said he’s glad the story is finally getting out there. This former player also did not want to be named. The player said he did not respond to a request to talk from the law firm conducting the internal investigation at Wichita State, but he said what’s reported did happen.

“One-hundred percent of the things that have been reported are completely true and the list could go on and on,” the former player said. “I was there for all of that and saw it happen.”


Update: Friday morning:

Wichita State University has confirmed an independent investigation is being conducted about allegations within its Men’s Basketball program.

Read the full statement by the university here:

Wichita State University acknowledges the allegations within its Men’s Basketball program brought forth by media.

The university is in the process of an independent investigation conducted by Tueth Keeney, a St. Louis-based law firm. Tueth Keeney has an established reputation of working with numerous public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, and other educational institutions on a wide range of issues, including conducting investigations of personnel and student-related matters, and other compliance issues.

The investigation is being completed in an expeditious and deliberate manner. We have received full cooperation from university staff, coaches, and current student-athletes, and Coach Gregg Marshall and support any individual who chooses to participate in order to conduct a fair, impartial and thorough investigation.

In the interim, activities of the team will continue as scheduled, and, as it does regularly, the university has reminded all staff, coaches and student-athletes of relevant policies and channels for reporting concerns.

Thursday, October 9, 2020

Wichita State University Head Men’s Basketball Coach Gregg Marshall faces allegations of misconduct that are leading to an internal investigation from Wichita State University, national reports say.

The Athletic cites unnamed sources in its article claiming multiple witnesses described abusive behavior from Marshall. More specific allegations, citing former player Shaq Morris among sources, are reported by national writer Jeff Goodman, writing for Stadium. The allegations claim Marshall verbally abused players and had a physical confrontation with a former assistant coach and Morris, as well as a student-athlete from another sport on different occasions.

The Athletic does claim that via text, Marshall confirmed that the university conducted interviews. The article quotes Marshall’s text saying he is fully participating in the process and looks forward to having it wrapped up.

Eyewitness News is working to contact Wichita State for confirmation on the reported internal investigation.

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