KANSAS PROUD: Bennington boy prevents house fire

Published: Oct. 10, 2020 at 10:24 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - A Bennington fifth grader was riding his bike to school one morning when he heard a smoke alarm going off inside a house he passed.

The actions Clayton Shamburg took next prevented the home from catching on fire.

“I was riding my bike to school and I heard a smoke detector going off and I called my parents because I knew whose house it was,” said Clayton.

Instead of continuing his ride, he stopped to see if anyone was home. He realized the house was empty and immediately took action, calling his parents. With Bennington being a small town, they could contact the homeowners quickly.

“We got really lucky that Clayton was riding his bike by for school and knew how to act on the situation and got a hold of his parents when he saw no one was home,” said homeowner Chris Snyder.

The Snyder’s said their dog tried to eat brownies left on the stove and in turn ignited the burners. They said because he acted so quickly, they still have a home.

“We feel like we are lucky that we have a home and both of our dogs all because of Clayton’s actions and we are really proud of him,” said Snyder.

And they’re not the only people in town proud of Clayton’s actions. This week, the Ottawa County Fire District presented Clayton with a certificate of appreciation.

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“It shows that the youth are paying attention and they are willing and able to help,” said Ottawa County District Four Fire Chief Mark Whitesell.

But Clayton didn’t want any recognition.

“I just thought I was doing the right thing.”

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