Haysville School District relaxes COVID-19 precautions

Haysville USD 261
Haysville USD 261
Published: Oct. 21, 2020 at 9:53 AM CDT
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HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KWCH) - The Haysville School District is no longer doing temperature screenings on the students. On Tuesday evening, the USD 261 Board of Education voted to allow students to enter the building without getting their temperature taken.

Beth Schutte is the district nurse for USD 261. She says since August, the district has had about 40 cases of COVID between students and staff in the whole district. Schutte says not one of the cases was found through temperature screening.

The CDC says fever will likely not be the first symptom for children with COVID. Schutte says her experience with the district backs up that claim. She says the first symptoms in children are more likely to be a runny nose, cough or the child just doesn’t feel well.

Schutte says the temperature screenings didn’t hold up the school day, but she is excited that students do not have to do it before getting into the building.

"It went much smoother than I anticipated so I was really pleased with how that went. But it is one less thing to keep him from getting the building in the morning so we can get them in school, get them started.

So we’re very happy that the board did decide not to continue that," Schutte says.

The change is only for students. Staff will still need to go through a temperature screening before entering buildings. Schutte says fever is a more common early symptom of COVID among adults.

Schutte also encourages parents to continue health checks at home before school starts. The district will continue to monitor students for symptoms throughout the day.

The district reminds parents that allergies can mimic symptoms of COVID. Even if parents know it’s allergies, Schutte wants parents to know that students can be taken out of school for runny nose, sneezing and coughing.

She suggests giving kids an antihistamine. Schutte says it will take care of the symptoms caused by allergies.

“We wouldn’t expect a fever or really severe cough with allergies. So, it’s really for that kid that comes in, stuffy runny nose a little bit of a cough looks great, no fever, parents say they have allergies, we will let them attempt some allergy medication. But if it’s not controlled with the medication, we do have to have them see a physician or get a test,” Shutte says.

School nurses warn parents to not give their kids fever-suppressing medications such as ibuprofen or Tylenol. They do not want to suppress symptoms that would allow kids to stay in school while they are contagious with an illness.

USD 261 school board also approved to reopen playground equipment. Schutte says kids are washing their hands before and after recess. The board felt that allowing kids to play on the equipment would not pose a health risk.

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