McPherson woman helping community with school-lunch delivery

Published: Nov. 30, 2020 at 4:22 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Since transitioning to remote learning early last week, some parents in the McPherson school district are struggling to get school lunches to their students at home. One McPherson woman is helping out her community by picking up school lunches and delivering them to students whose parents are unable to leave work to pick them up.

Kelly Morrow is the director of student ministries at McPherson’s Countryside Covenant Church. She said with schools going fully remote due to the rise of positive COVID-19 cases in McPherson, she wanted to find a way to help families in her community.

“So I put out on Facebook that if any parents were needing meals delivered to their students because they’re at work and couldn’t do that, I was just wanting to help out,” she said.

Morrow said she’s lucky enough to work in a place where she’s able to leave to grab lunch for her own child who is a high school freshman. She knows that isn’t the case for everyone.

“I’m just pretty blessed to be in a position to have the flexibility,” she said. “My husband always makes the comment, when people ask how he’s doing, he says, ‘better than I deserve.’ So if we’re in a position where we’re better than we deserve, how can we give that back to other people?”

She said she plans to continue the deliveries every weekday for as long as McPherson students remain in remote learning.

“It’s very helpful when you can’t get all of your kids loaded up to go pick up a lunch for your kid,” said Cheryl Criswell who operates a daycare at her home in McPherson.

Morrow said she hopes her deliveries will also help students who feel isolated at home.

‘A lot of kids are sitting at home eight hours a day at home by themselves if not longer, and it can be a very lonely situation, and that’s been my concern all along for these students,” she said. “I want to use this as an opportunity to let them know that if they find themselves alone sitting in their house and they need somebody to talk to, I can safely stand six feet away from their front door just so they see a familiar face at their door and someone to talk to if they need it.”

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