Business owner says unhappy clients victims of pandemic, not scam

Published: Dec. 2, 2020 at 10:28 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Recently complaints about a window company have been coming in on the Factfinder 12 phone line. One caller told us she’d been waiting more than a year for a window to be installed…one she’d already paid for. And she wasn’t the only one.

After tracking down the owner though, Factfinder 12 found he and the people who called us may all be victims of the pandemic.

Tracy Van Auken and Rosie Moody have one thing in common. They both love World Wide Windows.

“I don’t know how the other ones compare to worldwide windows,” Van Auken said. “All I know is these windows are absolutely great.”

But after waiting months…then close to, and in Tracy’s case, more than a year to get the windows installed by the Salina based company, the two women had another thing in common: No windows…but also close to no communication from the man who’d sold them those windows.

“He didn’t call me. He didn’t email me. He didn’t text me,” Van Auken said. “Wouldn’t respond to any of these things.”

“He just kind of ghosted me,” Moody added. “I called. Voicemail’s full. I called the office. Voicemail’s full, I drove down there. There’s a sign in the door that says, ‘call this number for an appointment.’ Well, I call that number. Voicemail was full.”

Moody hired an attorney and she eventually got her windows. When she originally spoke to Factfinder 12, Van Auken was still waiting. Another man we spoke with said he’d also been waiting for more than a year…and all said getting in touch with the owner of World Wide Windows, a man named Casey Burket, was next to impossible.

Factfinder was able to get in touch with Mr. Burket, and he was quick to admit there were problems with his business.

“Communication,” he said. “I need to get my communication back up. I do not deny that at all.”

Getting in touch with Burket wasn’t easy. His voicemail was, as Van Auken and Moody said, often full. After a few attempts to meet up, Burket spoke to Factfinder 12 on camera to explain the issues he says his business has experienced since the beginning of the pandemic.

“It’s just been, it’s been a nightmare for doggone near everybody,” Burket said.

While he admits his level of communication with clients who have already paid for windows they’ve waited months to receive has been sub-par, he maintains there is nothing fishy about the extended timeline to complete the work. First, there was the shutdown…then, when his business was deemed essential…Burket said he didn’t have the employees to get his jobs done.

“They were making more money sitting at home with the stimulus. And so, I got my essential papers. And I was having a hard time getting people to come in and work,” he told Factfinder 12.

It may sound like an excuse. Maybe it is. That’s certainly what Van Auken and Moody thought, but Burket said he’s finally catching up on the jobs yet to be completed. Moody did hire an attorney, but she did get her windows. Since Factfinder 12 first spoke to Van Auken, she also had her windows installed.

Casey Burket said he now has a solid crew working to get orders and installations back on track. Like for everyone, he said 2020 has been a bad year, but he will make good on his obligations.

“I am honest, I’m just struggling right now this is a hard time for everybody,” he said. “Please bear with me. They’re going to get the windows are not going out of business. We’re going to be in business I plan on doing this for the rest of my life, and I plan on being here for quite some time. So just bear with me. Let us get our ducks back in a row. And we’ll make it right. I always make it right.”

Burket tells Factfinder 12, he now informs new clients of the additional wait time to have windows installed before they put down a deposit. Factfinder 12 will be keeping tabs on this to make sure Burket fulfills his obligations and will update this story accordingly.

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