Valley Center family loses nearly everything in New Year’s Eve house fire

Published: Jan. 2, 2021 at 8:45 PM CST
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VALLEY CENTER, Kan. (KWCH) - A Valley Center family said they’re thankful to be alive after their house caught on fire New Year’s Eve.

The flames destroyed nearly all of their belongings, leaving them without a place to call home, but despite losing everything, they’re grateful to still have each other.

The Lostlen’s tried to salvage what they can, after a fire just before midnight on New Year’s Eve burned almost everything inside their home.

“I was sitting right here on the couch watching TV when I noticed a big orange flash next to me through the window and noticed the fire out there and ran outside to see what was going on,” Britain Lostlen said.

The family says the fire started outside of the home near a trash can, by the time the smoke alarms went off, the fire had already moved into the home.

“I ran downstairs and got the kids awake and got everyone out of the house and as soon as the last two of us were going out the window shattered and flames shot in the house taking over the couch I was sitting on and we sat and watched it burn until the firefighters got here,” Britain said.

The Lostlen’s, their four children and three other family members staying with them escaped without harm, and while they lost their home for the last year and almost everything in it, they say they’re blown away from the support they’ve received from the community.”

“We will find replacements. We have had such an outreach from our church and our church community, and family, and friends, and friends of friends, who have been willing to help. So, we were able to get a whole bunch of clothes, because we had nothing,” Alexandra Lostlen.

The family says while they’re devastated by the loss, the support will help them rebuild.

“Although we lost everything we already had, we really feel like we gained so much more than that in just the love and support of the people that have surrounded us at this time,” Alexandra said.

The family is staying in a hotel for now. A GoFundMe is available for the family.

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