Members of KS Congressional delegation explain challenge to presidential election results

Members of Kansas congressional delegation explain challenge to presidential election results
Published: Jan. 4, 2021 at 4:36 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Over the weekend, some members of the Kansas Congressional delegation announced their plans to object to the Electoral College Certification for President-Elect Joe Biden when lawmakers meet on Wednesday. Senator Roger Marshall, along with representatives Ron Estes, Jake LaTurner and Tracey Mann, all Republicans, said they intend to object. Senator Jerry Moran, also a Republican, has not specified how will vote on certification.

Senator Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas on Saturday announced a coalition of 11 senators and senators-elect who have vowed to vote against certain state electors on Wednesday unless Congress appoints an electoral commission to immediately conduct an audit of the election results. Senator Marshall is among the group of 11. In a statement explaining his position, Marshall tied in his stance with his as a physician.

“As a physician, too often I had to sit down with patients and give them a very bad diagnosis. It might have been a young mother of three with metastatic breast cancer or someone with cervical cancer that already spread throughout her body. Before I sat down with each patient I carefully weighed the evidence to make sure I had all the facts straight, but at the end of the day, my final recommendation was always going to be a recommendation from my heart,” Marshall said. To my fellow Kansans, know that I have looked at the facts and I’ve given my decision on the Electoral College certification process as much thought as I did when faced with a tough clinical situation for any one of my patients. Our congressional office has received thousands of emails and phone calls and I personally have received hundreds of texts, phone calls, and emails on the matter. An overwhelming majority believes we should reject some of the Electoral College votes from certain states. As is true with many Kansans, tens of millions of Americans have concerns about the past presidential election. They do not have confidence in our election process, and their voices must be heard.”

You can read the senator’s full statement here: Sen. Roger Marshall explains opposition to certification of Electoral College votes.

Rep. Ron Estes said his objection is more based on election administration in some states than the election results.

“They didn’t follow what the legislature had set up as rules for appointing electors,” Rep. Estes said. “This is something that’s been in law for 130-some-odd years.”

Estes said the action to object “is not taken lightly and comes after extensive study and research.”

“Kansans deserve to know that all legal, and only legal, votes were counted,” he said. “We hope our actions begin to restore the confidence of tens of millions of our fellow Americans that feel their sacred right to vote is under attack.”

Wichita State University Political Scientist Dr. Nel Allen said similar objections have been seen in past presidential races, but one thing remains clear; with a majority of Congress supporting certification, it will not change the outcome of the race.

“Joe Biden is going to be elected president and Congress will certify the electoral college votes,” Dr. Allen said.

He said the action from lawmakers objecting to the certification is largely about messaging to their base and looking ahead to the next election cycle.

“For new members of Congress, from a place like Kansas, it does make sense to consider where your base is, and the base is very supportive of President Trump,” Dr. Allen said.

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