Sen. Roger Marshall discusses issues surrounding pandemic, 2nd impeachment

Published: Feb. 11, 2021 at 9:29 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Senator Roger Marshall, R-Kansas, among national leaders taking a step away from their normal week this week during the impeachment hearing, took time Thursday (Feb. 11) to speak with Eyewitness News about issues concerning Kansans at the state and national levels.

On the third day of the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, Marshall still believes the impeachment was unconstitutional and that the trial is a waste of time that he said could be spent confirming President Joe Biden’s new cabinet members. Speaking about the most recent former president, Marshall said Democrats are trying to “blame him for everything.” He said going through with the trial to impeach a president who is no longer in office is unconstitutional.

To be clear, the Constitution does not make mention of such a scenario. Marshall said that proves his point.

“If the Constitution is quiet on it, then I don’t see there’s any way to go forward,” he said. “What does that look like going forward? And I really think, as I read the Constitution, and it speaks about an incumbent president, a president who’s in office.”

Marshall said the trial following last month’s House vote to impeach President Trump sets a bad precedent. He likened it to impeaching other past presidents like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

In discussing issues with Kansas’ rollout of COVID-19 vaccine doses, Marshall said the state’s ranking near the bottom of the pack when it comes to administering vaccines isn’t because of anything on a federal level. He said the efforts by the federal government to get doses of vaccines into the hands of states and into the arms of the people is “a miracle.” But once it leaves the hands of the federal government, he said government itself is what is slowing the process. He thinks the U.S. has the ability to achieve herd immunity by April or May. To accomplish that, he said we need to look to how we already vaccinate for things like the flu.

“What I’m encouraging (Kansas Governor Laura Kelly) to do is put these vaccinations in the hands of people who know how to do the job,” Marshall said. “This country has the capacity to do 3 million flu vaccinations per day, the infrastructure is already there. The backbone of giving vaccinations in this country is our community pharmacies, the doctors offices and community health departments.”

Last week, the Biden administration announced it would begin shipping vaccines directly to pharmacies across the country.

Marshall also discussed issues with unemployment insurance in Kansas. Many in the state on unemployment say they have not received benefits in months. Marshall said the money is there, but the state is struggling to get that money to its people.

“I’m frustrated like you are,” Marshall said. “Some states have done grate, some counties have done great, others not so much. So I think it always comes back to the quality of work of the people and if the state legislature needs to give the governor some more tools, so be it. But we’re doing everything we can up here in Washington, fighting for hardworking Kansans.”

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