Gov. Kelly using county daily snapshot to help reporting lag

(Facebook / Governor Laura Kelly)
Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 11:46 AM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Governor Laura Kelly is hoping the new county daily snapshot instituted this week will help the statewide reporting issues to KDHE.

Kelly said reporting issues continue but are being fixed. Since Monday, counties have had to report daily snapshots to KDHE of doses received, administered, in inventory and transferred -- in hopes of giving a clear view of the state’s progress and address the data lag.

Norman said at the weekly news conference the state has administered 80% of the vaccines distributed across the state. Which has increased from the 40-50% range a few weeks ago.

According to the Becker Hospital Review from Wednesday morning, the state is at 74% which ranks Kansas as 6th worst.

Kelly hopes counties updating KDHE daily will help confusion and the data lag.

“We’ve gone from 200,000 unaccounted to closer to 100,000 so that clearly means that the reporting is better because it was our belief before that the 200,000 was not accurate so it’s getting more accurate,” she said.

Norman said, “Keep in mind we’re only on day three of a three part fix if you will.”

Kelly on Wednesday morning signed an executive order that she hopes will help the state’s vaccination distribution process.

It allows for more health care professionals who regularly use injections -- to administer vaccines. Pharmacists, dentists, paramedics and other health professionals would be allowed to give COVID-19 vaccines approved by the FDA.

She said, “Professionals in these areas routinely administer injections. We just want to make it clear that the authority extends to administering the covid-19 vaccine.”

Kelly and Norman acknowledged confusion over certain counties allowing appointments for risk groups other counties may not be. The addition of more people that fall under phase two could be a reason for the wait as well as older Kansans not navigating the internet and setting appointments.

Regardless, Norman believes there are enough vaccines depending on how counties choose to allocate it.

“As long as they’re staying in the prescribed phase that they can run their affairs other county in that manner because they’re all in phase 2 for different risk reasons and it’s a matter of judgment as to which groups go next,” he said.

Kelly said the state is expected to receive 120,000 vaccine doses next week.

Feb. 24, 11:46 a.m.

Gov. Kelly to host COVID-19 update

Governor Laura Kelly will update Kansans on the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday.

Governor Laura Kelly says she will update Kansans at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 24, regarding COVID-19 in the state.

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