From jail, man admits to 2019 stabbing of woman in NE Wichita neighborhood

Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 5:52 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Jury selection began today for the man accused of stabbing a Wichita woman multiple times as she loaded items into her car, with her baby alone inside her house.

Police arrested Wade Dunn days after the attack. He’s charged with attempted first-degree murder. In a letter to Factfinder 12, Dunn asked to be interviewed from jail. In the interview, Dunn admits to the stabbing and says he takes “full responsibility.”

“I never saw her until I already had a knife in my hand,” Dunn said. “I didn’t see her until I was basically attacking her.”

Dunn readily admits to stabbing a 28 year old mother in the driveway of her home late September of 2019. He says he was high on k2 and methamphetamine at the time.

“I can’t recall it, but it’s like kind of like a blur. It’s been over a year also. It’s like trying to remember when you’re drunk, but I know that I had to. I know I did. I know I attacked,” he admitted.

Police say Dunn stabbed the woman multiple the head, neck, arms, chest and feet. In all, the victim received 30 separate wounds. Dunn says he doesn’t remember much about the attack, but when asked a question about the victim unloading groceries from her vehicle at the time of the attack, Dunn offers a correction.

“I don’t think she was getting groceries either I think she was getting laundry or something. She was getting laundry, she was getting laundry,” he said.

The woman was loading laundry into her car at the time of the attack.

Security cameras in the northeast Wichita neighborhood caught the moments just before and after the attack, when police say Dunn threw a knife and the shirt he was wearing into a storm drain.

Recently released from prison at the time of the attack, Dunn says he did not know the victim, but believes the sound of tornado sirens, he says went off at the time of the attack, made him believe he was back in prison. He says inmates are mandated to lay on the ground when sirens sound. Since the woman did not do that, he says he saw her as a threat.

“When I saw her and I heard the noises that set me off, she looked up and backed away. Like she wasn’t getting on her stomach, I just kept remembering that. So I saw kind of like a threat,” he said. “It made me attack her...I take full responsibility. I take full responsibility.”

Tornado siren tests take place at noon...and this attack was reported shortly before noon.

Dunn pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempted first degree murder

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