Leadership with Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office ‘comes full circle’

Published: Apr. 7, 2021 at 4:50 PM CDT
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LARNED, Kan. (KWCH) - A new hire with law enforcement leadership in Pawnee County brings together two men who started their careers in law enforcement in the county nearly four decades ago.

Pawnee County Sheriff Scott King on Wednesday, April 7, introduced the county’s new undersheriff, Larry Atteberry.

“I’m excited to work with Larry again because we both started our law enforcement careers right here in Pawnee County. We were part of the Larned Police Cadet Program in 1983 that taught teens about law enforcement through class work and a Ride-Along Program; under then Police Chief, John Slack,” Sheriff King explained in a Facebook post from the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office. “And now, we have come full circle in our law enforcement careers and get to work side by side serving the citizens of Pawnee County.”

Atteberry was working in Michigan when a visit home set wheels in motion for him to represent the community in which he grew up.

“He came back to visit and when he left the office, I said, ‘are you interested in coming back?’” King said. “He said, ‘yeah, I might be.’”

Sheriff King then gave Atteberry an unofficial offer.

“Then why not throw your hat in with us, come work for me,’” he said. ‘You know the area, you know the people, you know the community. Even though you’ve been gone, it’s about the same, but I think we would make a good match.’”

Growing up together in Pawnee County, King and Atteberry say their partnership on the sheriff’s office is like working with a brother.

“When he gave me the offer to come back, you know, I was ready to jump on it and it’s like we didn’t miss a beat,” Atteberry said.

King said it’s good to have his friend back.

“It’s good to go forward,” he said. “We put in a lot of years of law enforcement, so we’re kind of on the downside, but we just hop to keep going forward.”

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