Fireworks shortage likely to raise prices ahead of 4th of July celebrations

Updated: May. 21, 2021 at 4:53 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - With a little more than one month until stands begin selling fireworks in Kansas, we’re already learning about a problem that could impact Fourth of July celebrations. A fireworks retailer said prices are going to go up for some of your favorite items. What you paid a dollar for last year could go up to $1.50 this year. He said the problem is with the supply chain.

3D Fireworks owner Patrick Dillman said shipping for his fireworks has skyrocketed.

“Our freight shipping went from $9,000 a container to $24,000 a container. So, just increase in cost of fireworks, increase cost of shipping, you’re going to see (a) 25 to 30 percent increase on retail sales price,” Dillman said.

As the prices are going up, the supply chain is going down, especially for some of the most popular fireworks.

“Before COVID, fireworks was pretty straightforward. We ordered it, 99 percent of what we ordered would come in on our containers,” Dillman said. “The past two years have been really trying, just trying to get that product in, get what people want in.”

The June 5 Police and Fire Festival in Andover won’t have a fireworks display. The city said the COVID-19 pandemic caused a shortage for the event’s fireworks provider, Wholesale Fireworks.

“It’s due to shipping, it’s due to shutdowns,” Dillman said. “There’s must not near as much product here. That obviously is going to cause pricing to go up.”

If you plan to buy fireworks, Dillman advised to get what you want early.

“Supply and demand is going to be huge,” he said. " A lot of stuff, the small stuff that you’re used to getting every year is going to run out in the first two to three days and thin it’s going to be what’s there.”

For 3D Fireworks sells begin June 27 at stands in Park City, Derby, South Hutchinson and El Dorado.

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