Farmer captures video of Selden tornado passing over pickup

Updated: May. 25, 2021 at 11:41 AM CDT
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SELDEN, Kan. (KWCH) - A farmer captured a video of the tornado that ripped through Selden, Kansas Monday night.

In the video, Nathan Kelley and several others were in his pickup when they got caught in the tornado.

“We saw a funnel cloud to three miles west of Selden, and took some pictures and video and as it started getting a little bit closer, I told the boys, it’s time to go,” recalls Kelley.

The Norcatur farmer was on his way to Selden to be with his wife and daughter because he had heard there was severe weather in the area. Instead, he and his crew ended up being the ones in harm’s way.

“It really puts into perspective how lucky we were last night, we were not alone. We definitely had somebody was watching over us. I’m pretty sure there’s some hands over the top of us, keeping us down, because just a couple 100 yards away there was train cars that were ripped off their axles and laid on the ground next to the tracks and here we are in a pickup that’s half that weight, or less,” said Kelley.

To ride out the storm, he used the advice that his late father gave him 20 years ago. He faced his truck in the opposite direction of the storm. He said it saved his life.

“I was holding my breath until I heard all three of their voices and once I heard their voices, I said, okay it’s time to go again, making sure those boys were okay and not beat up not broken and not cut up and because I mean stuff came through the back windows,” Kelley said.

The tornado damaged his truck, cracking or busting the windows. His own injuries were minor. He said the next time he and his crew will take shelter.

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