Concerned with increase in crashes, Wichita police amp up patrol on Kellogg

Updated: Jun. 18, 2021 at 5:42 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - The Wichita Police Department said it will continue to up up patrol efforts along Kellogg due a concerning increase in wrecks, specifically fatal crashes.

During patrol Friday, it took less than five minutes for WPD officers to pull someone over for going 13 miles per hour over the 60 mph speed limit. Officers who spoke with Eyewitness News said it’s not just about the speed, but the danger, putting your life and other people’s lives at risk when going over the limit. That’s why police said, they’ve increased their enforcement.

On Kellogg, one of Wichita’s busiest highways, the WPD said it’s seeing an increase in speeding and an increase in crashes, many of them fatal.

“Last year was a horrible year. We had 35 total fatalities involved in accidents,” WPD Capt. Brent Allred said. “This year, we’re already up to 21 fatal accidents and 23 people have died. That’s way too many in Wichita.”

“Many of those crashes involved high speeds. With the amount of traffic that’s on Kellogg, it’s extremely dangerous to be speeding because, again, what you don’t want is someone to pull out in front of you because your reaction time is... It takes a little bit more time to react to any type of motorist and their actions,” WPD Sgt. Keith Fort said.

Wichita police advise slowing down and paying attention on Kellogg because officers will be watching.

“The enforcement that we do out there is for that reason, is to get people home safely,” Allred said. “I know it’s not any fun to get a citation, but we wouldn’t be issuing citations if (keeping people safe) wasn’t our goal.”

A WPD officer who spoke with Eyewitness News Friday said officers pulled people over on Kellogg going 100 to nearly 120 mph. The department said if you don’t want a ticket, slow down and pay attention.

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