Kan. fireworks vendors warn supply may be limited this year

Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 11:03 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - The night sky is about to be much more active in the days ahead as fireworks tents across the area are set to open Sunday.

“Fireworks have been core to what we do on the Fourth of July, whether it’s small fountains or bigger fireworks,” Waz Up Fireworks Owner Michael Wawrzewski said.

If you’re shopping for fireworks this year, you won’t want to procrastinate.

“Multiple people reached out to us already, trying to get in, trying to get in early,” said 3D Fireworks Owner Patrick Dillman. “We just keep telling them, ‘we can’t sell until the 27th (of June).

As 3D Fireworks gets its tent set up for the weekend, they say one issue that all sellers of fireworks are dealing with this year is simply finding enough supply.

“What we have is all we’re going to get,” Dillman said.

Dillman said they placed their order in October and getting to a point of being ready to open has been a struggle.

“Our container that we received (Tuesday) sat in Los Angeles Harbor for I think 98 days,” Dillman said. “Usually, the turnaround is 15 to 30 days. So, it sat there for a long time. We were getting really nervous about it even being able to show up.”

In each container, there can be upwards of 3,000 items.

“We were shorted three containers, so there’s a major shortage of fireworks this year. We’re just basically scrambling to get anything that we can here for people to get,” said Dillman.

Dillman said while they have a good stock, they can’t count on distributors to fill in the holes as they have in the past.

“One of our major distributors, they had about 10 boxes inside about a million-square-foot warehouse,” he said.

As firework shipments come to ports, they’re not receiving as high of a priority as other cargo. When they do move out, they’re contending with the trucking shortage. That has stands saying customers should act fast.

“Go ahead and buy your fireworks now because if you wait till the end of the week or wait till July 3rd or 4th, I think you’re going to be sourly disappointed in what’s available,” Wawrzewski said.

He added, “We’ve been preparing for more than six months now, are well stocked but with there being less tents that will be open, my thought and my theory is that everything will go fairly quickly.”

For Wawrzewski it’s making for an interesting first year for his stand, Waz Up Fireworks.

“We opted to create a firework stand to teach my kids about business,” he said.

This should be a good year for it.

“Everybody behave fun, be safe with their fireworks,” Wawrzewski said. “Make sure you wear eye protection, ear protection and don’t do crazy stuff, okay.”

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