Volunteers, neighbors step up for Lindsborg farmer after crash, cancer diagnosis

Published: Jun. 25, 2021 at 5:32 PM CDT
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MCPHERSON COUNTY, Kan. (KWCH) - This wheat harvest is different for Lindsborg farmer Dan Brunsell. He lost some feeling in his fingers after a December car crash. What doctors found was more than broken bones.

“I got a call later that night saying they found a growth in my esophagus and I had to get a biopsy on that and it turned out to be cancer,” Brunsell said.

Now undergoing biweekly chemotherapy, Brunsell is too weak to continue the harvest. He contacted Farm Rescue, which immediately stepped in.

“We have volunteers signed up from 49 different states,” said Farm Rescue Program Manager Dan Erdmann. And so with this case, we have three volunteers. One’s from North Dakota, one’s from Indiana and one’s from Kentucky. And so, these guys are taking away from family and vacation time to come help a complete stranger.”

Brunsell said the help gives him some security.

From dusk until dawn, the volunteers and neighbors in McPherson County stepped in to help cut wheat for Brunsell. All involved were hoping to get the last 20 acres cut Friday. Although it was too wet to make that happen, the harvest overall has been successful.

‘Helps with the anxiety, getting the harvest finished up,” Brunsell said.

While the harvest near Lindsborg looks different, more importantly than the wheat, the volunteers helping Brunsell harvested hope.

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