USDA investing millions to expand meat processing capacity

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 11:58 AM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - The USDA is investing $500 million to expand meat processing capacity. It intends to make significant investments to increase competition in meat and poultry processing to make markets more assessable, fair, competitive, and resilient for American farmers and ranchers. The USDA will also put $150 million for existing small processing facilities to help them weather covid damages and compete in the marketplace.

A new report says speed for broadband may be too low, especially when it comes to small businesses. A report from the government accountability offices says the current speed for broadband is 25 megabits per second download, and three megabits per second upload. Although, studies suggest small businesses may need double that amount.

Utah farmers are dealing with a green menace... in the form of grasshoppers. Millions of grasshoppers have invaded Utah farmland. Due to the dry weather, the grasshoppers reproduce in larger numbers than normal. Some farmers in Utah expect to have less than 20% of the hay they would normally produce. The Utah Department of Agriculture says farmers can get pesticides to spray for the grasshoppers, but they will have to pay for the application.

Farmers in Minnestoa are facing canned vegetables challenges. Minnesota, one of the top states in the nation when it comes to canning vegetable production says their yield is down more than 50%. The cause? The prolonged heat and no rain. Unlike wheat here in Kansas, canned vegetables, like sweet corn and peas, need water much earlier due to their 60-day growing window.

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