Teen who killed 14-year-old Hesston girl charged, could be later charged as an adult

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 4:44 PM CDT
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NEWTON, Kan. (KWCH) - 14-year-old Madison Parrott from Hesston was shot and killed Sunday in a Newton home. Police said 16-year-old Eric Negrete showed up to the home intoxicated and pointed a gun at few of those people in the home then fired a single shot at Madison, killing her.

Prosecutors charged the teen Wednesday with one count of first-degree murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault and criminal threat.

Due to the nature of the crimes, Eyewitness News chose to name Negrete as the suspect.

One of the biggest questions surrounding this case, will he be charged as an adult?

“They may not file a motion to have this person tried as an adult, they may decide that, he’s a child too at 16. That the defendant ought to stay in juvenile court. They can do that. And the county attorney in Harvey County will look at those factors and decide whether to file a motion,” Attorney Charley O’Hara said. “Then when they file a motion, the judge has a hearing and at that hearing the judge looks at all the factors and then the judge makes a ruling.”

The state and judge will look at the seriousness of the offense, if it was committed in an aggressive manner, if the juvenile has other offenses and other factors.

“Juvenile court is a court whose theory is to rehabilitate a juvenile and that kids make mistakes, that all kids make mistakes. Now, obviously, this is a very serious case, but that’s the theory of the court. The adult court is a punishment court.”

If Negrete is charged as a juvenile, he can be released at 22 and a half years old.

“The longest they can hold him is until he is 22 and a half years old,” O’Hara said.

The judge and state did not discuss if the teen would be charged as an adult, but his next hearing is set for Aug. 30, where the state could make a motion.

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