FF12 Cold Case: Do you know these men?

Who killed Abram Galvan? Detectives believe many people can identify the killer.
FF12 Cold Case: Do you know these men?
Updated: Aug. 3, 2021 at 10:00 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Shot dead by a complete stranger after celebrating a wedding, and now the case has gone cold. In our continued partnership with Wichita Police, Factfinder 12 looks into the shooting death of Abram Galvan and the never-before-seen video that detectives believe will crack the case.

Abram Galvan was just 21 years old when he was violently and senselessly taken from this world on May 29, 2021. His brother, who asked that we not use his name, spoke with Factfinder 12 investigator Alex Flippin by phone from Mexico. He said Abram was loved by just about everyone who met him.

“He was a cheerful young man. That’s how everybody knew him. He was always smiling. He made friends with everyone, every person that came across his path,” Abram’s brother said. “For everyone, it was something unbelievable. We don’t have problems with anyone. Wherever we went, we would make friends with everyone. When I found out, I couldn’t believe it. Until this day, nobody can believe it.”

Detective Anna Hoyt with the Wichita Police Department said there appears to be no motive for Abram’s murder.

“We need answers. He went out with some friends to celebrate a wedding, celebrate the rest of the night, was headed home and was killed. There’s no reason for that,” said Det. Hoyt.

Through eyewitness accounts and video, Detective Hoyt determined Abram was in the backseat of a truck full of friends. The friends, she said, came upon a flashy vehicle and each car passed the other a few times. The people in the two vehicles first encountered one another near the intersection of 13th and Market in Wichita. That’s where they began passing each other. Shortly after, the truck carrying Abram and his friends made a turn at a neighborhood intersection. The two men in the other vehicle stopped in the middle of the intersection and one of those men fired an entire magazine into the back of the truck as it drove by.

Abram was the only person hit. He was shot in the head by one bullet and died days later at the hospital. While the case remains unsolved, Detective Hoyt says there’s a clue that could change that. The killers’ car.

“Initially, I feel that the driver of the truck, said, ‘Oh look at that car.’ It’s a unique vehicle. It’s a white Dodge Charger with racing stripes. It’s a loud vehicle, sporty. Probably just wanted to speed by it. The other car maybe took offense to it,” Det. Hoyt said.

Released exclusively to Factfinder 12, surveillance video from that night shows the unique vehicle involved in Abram’s shooting. In it, two men can be seen driving the White Dodge Charger, striped down the middle with red lights illuminating the wheels. One man is wearing an all-blue outfit while the other is in all yellow. At times, they can be seen hanging out the windows while driving near Old Town. Another video shows the men hanging out at a nearby QuikTrip.

“Somebody knows, and somebody saw them that night and can put it together for us,” Det. Hoyt said. “We’re just missing a little piece of this, and then, we’ll be able to solve it. Just, we have to have help from the community.”

Help that would not only help bring peace to Abram’s family but also possibly save the life of another innocent victim.

“No matter if they arrest who did it, he’s not here anymore, and we can’t do anything to change that,” Abram’s brother said. “But I think we can do a lot to prevent it from happening again to someone else.”

We’ve posted still shots taken from the video provided by police as well as the video itself from the broadcast version of this story. Anyone with any information about the suspects or the murder of Abram Galvan is asked to contact Crime Stoppers is (316) 267-2111 or WPD Investigations is (316) 268-4407.

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