Affidavit: Woman admits to fatally stabbing man in SE Wichita

Wichita police arrested 34-year-old Latoya McCurn on Tuesday (8/17/21) in connection with the...
Wichita police arrested 34-year-old Latoya McCurn on Tuesday (8/17/21) in connection with the deadly stabbing of Hung Nguyen near Harry and Rock Road.(Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office)
Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 4:19 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - A court document explaining grounds for charging a woman in connection with an Aug. 17 deadly stabbing includes details in her confession for the violent crime. The Wichita Police Department arrested 34-year-old Latoya McCurn for first-degree murder.

A little before 4:30 p.m. Aug. 17, Wichita police responded to what officers believed to be a shooting call in the 7800 block of East Harry. Officers arrived to find a man in the alley behind a business with apparent trauma to his body. Forty-nine-year-old Hung Nguyen died at the scene.

A man walking in the alley found Nguyen near a trash dumpster, bleeding and unresponsive, an affidavit said. The passerby reported calling 911 and telling the dispatcher he believed the injured man had been shot. The passerby reported a woman in the alley who left on foot as Wichita police arrived. He advised that the woman was homeless, had been in the area for about three weeks and typically sits under a tree in front of a business. The affidavit said he then suggested that Wichita police talk to the woman “because she should be aware of anything that happened in the area.”

In a review of surveillance video, a WPD detective observed the woman the passerby described, the affidavit said. Another WPD officer found the woman in front of the business near where the passerby reported finding Nguyen. The woman, identified as McCurn, admitted to stabbing Nguyen. She said he had been sitting with her in the grass in front of a business. She reported that she did not know him, but confessed to the stabbing, explaining that Nguyen had been “messing with her,” the affidavit said.

The affidavit said McCurn explained to the officer that she and Nguyen were sitting in the grass and after stabbing him, Nguyen got up and walked to the dumpster behind a business and collapsed. While the officer took her into custody, the affidavit said McCurn told the officer that the knife she used to stab Nguyen was in her bag.

In an interview with the detective identified as the affiant in this case, McCurn reported that Nguyen slapped her on the leg and buttocks multiple times and that he kept doing so after she told him to stop. She said Nguyen offered to walk over to the nearby liquor store and to buy beers for both of them.

“While sitting in the grass and drinking the beer, Latoya A. McCurn told your Affiant that she made the decision in her mind that the next time (Nguyen) slapped her legs or buttocks, she was going to retrieve a kitchen knife that she had in her bag and stab (him),” the affidavit said. “(She) advised that when (Nguyen) touched her again, she proceeded to stab (him) in the chest with the kitchen knife.”

The affidavit said McCurn stated, “He didn’t see it coming.”

She reported that after she stabbed Nguyen, he picked up his beer and walked through a parking lot and toward the back of a business, falling to the ground next to a trash dumpster. She said she walked over to the dumpster and saw that Nguyen was not talking and was unresponsive. The affidavit said MCurn then admitted to walking to a Braums restaurant where she rinsed the kitchen knife off in the sink of a restroom.

“After exiting the Braums (McCurn) stated that she walked across the parking lot to McDonald’s where she retrieved a cup from her bag and filled it with a fountain drink from the McDonald’s dispenser. She then walked out of the business where she and (Nguyen) had been sitting together earlier in the day,” the affidavit said. (”McCurn) remained at this location until contacted by law enforcement.”

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