Barber County rallies behind woman diagnosed with cancer

Fundraiser for Maddie
Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 5:51 AM CDT
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BARBER COUNTY, Kan. (KWCH) - People living in Barber County Kansas are a tight-knit, close community. So, when one of their own was diagnosed with cancer for the second time they rushed to help the Marshall family.

Madie Marshall knows this fight all too well. When she was just 5 months old, Madie was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. The Marshall family packed their bags and headed to St. Jude to hope to come back to their home cancer free. Three years later, they did just that. Though Madie had to have her left eye removed that didn’t slow her down one bit. She went on to be incredibly successful in 4-H and took pride in helping out on her family farm. She decided to attend Kansas State University to study agriculture and wanted to share with others her passion for the agricultural industry.

Then tragedy struck.

After driving home from the Strong City rodeo this June, Madie was involved in a car accident. After many months of struggling from pain in her leg she thought was from the accident, Madie returned to doctors for tests. That’s when she discovered her cancer was back. The Marshall family once again made the trip all too familiar to their family to St. Jude.

After the community heard the news of Madie, they wanted to help anyway they could. Tim Marshall, Madie uncle came up with the idea of a livestock auction to help with expenses for their family. The animal up for auction, a steer, out of Madie’s old show heifer. People from around the state came to the Pratt Livestock Auction to show their support for the family.

Bidder after bidder, the steer sold repeatedly. In grand total selling more than 10 times, raising more than 13,000 dollars to help with expenses incurred during treatment.

Mike Marshall, Madie’s dad, was blown away with the community support. “The good thing about living in a small town is when something happens, everybody’s there. It means a lot. it really does.”

Though Madie was in treatment at the time of the auction, she still got to watch virtually. Madie said she’s grateful for social media to still feel like she’s at home.

“t’s just nice to see all the support. especially having to be away from home and I’m just glad we have social media because I can still see all the love from everybody even if I have to be that far away.”

Mike says his daughter has always been a “go-getter” and this might slow her down for the time being but not for long. Madie wants to encourage others, like she has, to lean into her faith and trust in the plan.

“If somebody is going through something definitely just look to God and family because that’s the best way to get through it. I know there’s hard days, but I know that God has a plan.”

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