Man on 1,700-mile mission of unity making way through Kansas

Man on cross-country walk for humanity stops in Kansas
Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 7:44 PM CDT
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NICKERSON, Kan. (KWCH) - A man walking 1,700 miles is leaving an impact as his journey passes through central Kansas. John Inserra’s walk, representing For Our Shared Humanity, started in North Dakota on the Fourth of July. It will end in Texas. On Wednesday, Inserra made his way to Nickerson where he prepared for the day’s 20-mile stretch.

“There’s something special about slowing things down to the pace of walking,” he said. “Our days are very hectic we got a lot of things coming at us at, you know, a lot further, a lot faster speeds than walking. But when you slow things down to the pace of walking, it’s the slowest form of transportation, you have a chance to really recognize a lot more in your day.”

Inserra’s mission with the walk: To start a conversation about bringing people together, despite their differences. Inserra said he feels that we are divided more than ever before. He said he wants to change that and sees examples of a change for the better ever day he walks.

“It’s been really powerful and I am just supporting the wellness that comes with walking,” Inserra said. “But it’s also when you slow things down to that pace, you’ve got a chance to connect with people at eye level, in first-person with a smile, with some eye contact. That is going to generate a connectivity that is much different.”

Inserra and his crew members, Rob and Myles, have dealt with adversity through Kansas.

“Kansas, I will tell you they have thrown us the hardest elements of weather that we’ve had over our first 67 days,” he said.

But with each positive conversation along the way, that next step gets easier, Inserra said.

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