More options may soon be available as eligibility expands for COVID booster shots

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 10:28 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - As more people become eligible for COVID-19 booster shots, more options on which shot they get may become available. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters could be authorized by the FDA this week. The agency may also authorize mixing different doses.

“Mixed dosing meaning, not necessarily different companies such as Moderna and Pfizer, but different platform, such as the Johnson & Johnson adenovirus vector platform, plus MRNA,” explained DR. Dana Hawkinson with the University of Kansas Health System.

Dr. Hawkinson said this has already been studied widely in Europe with the Astrazeneca vaccine, similar to Johnson & Johnson.

Kelly Stevenson got the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine about five months ago and plans on getting a booster when it’s available.

“Living rural, it’s harder to get into the city for that second shot. So we thought that would work out well for us,” Stevenson explained about getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

New data suggests pairing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine with an MRNA booster could create a strong immune response. That study shows for people who go the Johnson & Johnson shot initially, a Johnson & Johnson booster quadrupled their amount of antibodies. But an MRNA booster of Pfizer increased antibodies 35-foled and Moderna 76-fold. Stevenson said that is something she’ll consider when she goes to get a booster.

“I trust the science. We’ll probably get that one in two weeks,” she said.

The timing for when you should get your booster shot may also depend on which does you originally got. For Pfizer, it’s recommended after six months for people with compromised immune systems The same will likely go for Moderna. Bur for Johnson & Johnson, a booster may be needed after two months for anyone.

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