Small businesses struggle as holiday shopping season approaches, supply chain delays continue

Small businesses concerned as holiday shopping approaches, supply chain issues continue
Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 5:46 PM CDT
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HAYS, Kan. (KWCH) - As the Christmas season nears, some small businesses are struggling to keep their stores stocked in preparation for the holiday.

Be Made has been a staple in downtown Hays for nearly a decade. The popular boutique is about to start its busiest time of year, but getting products delivered on time have been challenging.

“Christmas is extremely important for us, not just with decor and Christmas, but just the giftables that we have available for everyone,” said Be Made sales associate, Natalie Dinkel.

She said Christmas sales are vital for the business. But with recent supply chain issues have her concerned.

“We have been struggling with ships, imports and containers that can’t be unloaded because there is no one to do it, which makes it hard as a business to have the product you want for your customers,” said Dinkel.

Be Made sales associate Kelly Lamb said the delay in product delivery has her very concerned.

“Normally, for Christmas, we would get to have just a ton of product in and it is kind of hard that we don’t know when some of the product is going to show up,” said Lamb.

She said now delays are causing products to arrive out of season.

“We still have some orders showing up that we ordered back in April. One just showed up the other day and ones that you kind of forget about,” said Lamb.

Despite the delays, she just hopes customers keep shopping.

“Just really get out there and support your small businesses,” said Lamb. “It’s easy to go and support your big businesses when it’s convenient, but the small businesses right now are really the ones that need everyone’s support and unfortunately a lot of them have had to close.”

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