Scares step out of the screen as Kingman Historic Theatre goes haunted

Published: Oct. 24, 2021 at 10:34 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - There are plenty of movies this time of year to get into the Halloween spirit, but a Kingman movie theatre is adding some more production value to that scare.

That’s at least for those who dare.

Kingman Historic Theatre General Manager Deena Lampe said, “New movie, new experience every night.”

It’s getting spooky as Halloween quickly nears. For Kingman’s Mr. and Mrs. Halloween, it’s the best time to be alive or alive again.

Steven Latham said, “Halloween is a lifestyle for us.”

Courtney Latham said, “It is a 365, all year, every holiday goes around it.”

Steven and Courtney’s house is the best on the block to see All Hallows’ Eve. This year, they’re sharing their passion after Kingman Historic Theatre reached out with a partnership idea for a haunted theatre.

Steven said, “When we got the phone call... we were kind of like...”

Courtney said, “We were excited cause he grew up here, but when I married him and came here, we’ve always been wanting to get into the community, and our big thing was Halloween.”

From the moment people walk in the doors at the theatre, something might be waiting.

“You get to come in through our little haunted theatre, and then you’re going to end up in the actual movie theatre, where you will see a full scary movie,” said Lampe.

Once the moviegoers take their seats, the frightful fun continues as the scares that fill the screen will also be in the seats.

Lampe said, “It’s an interactive movie experience. People are going to come in. They’ll be messed with. They’re going to be fully entertained for the whole two-hour movie. We can’t tell you what’s going to happen; we just can tell you something is going to happen, and you don’t know who or what is going to be watching with you.”

The Lathams are making this cast of characters as animated as their movie counterparts.

“He does a lot of special effects, and I’ll do a lot of makeup-wise or face painting and stuff like that, so being able to be a part of that and add touches into it’s kind of our fun this,” said Courtney.

Steven said, “When you see some of the characters walk past you doing the best they can to do their scares, it kind of makes you feel good because you did part of that.”

Kingman Historic Theatre Board Member Felix Rainosek said, “It’s been really a lot of fun with all these wonderful people here, all the wonderful volunteers that we have... like this one here messing with me.”

Starting Monday, Oct. 25 and running through Saturday, Oct. 30, each night will show a different classic movie of the horror genre and, with each, a corresponding thematic scare.

Lampe said, “No two movies are going to be alike, no two themes is going to be alike, no two experiences are going to be alike.”

All those involved said this is a chance to do something different to the community and offer something safe for families.

Rainosek said, “Don’t have a whole lot here to do, especially something as unique as this. This is very unique, and it’s something we can offer the family.”

This is the first year they’ve ventured into the unknown with their haunted theatre and haunted movie experience.

Lampe said, “Response has been even more wonderful, and we are expecting to hopefully sell out at 215 seats.”

The hope is to make this an annual event, provide people just enough time to recover from any nightmares.

The first movie selection is the original “IT.” Admission is $10 for each night.

Find out more information on Kingman Historic Theatre’s Facebook page.

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