Man turns to FF12 for refund help

Nursing facility owed him a refund after resident’s untimely death but initially failed to pay
Published: Nov. 4, 2021 at 10:00 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - A Wichita man said after his mother passed away at a nursing facility, he struggled to get them to return money he pre-paid for her care. He turned to Factfinder 12 after he said administrators at the facility acknowledged they owed the money but continued to fail to pay him.

Difficult decisions often await those with elderly loved ones whose needs exceed that which can be provided at home. Such was the case for Grant McCleod and his mother Nancy.

“My mom lived with us for a number of years,” McCleod said. “And it got to the point where we just couldn’t provide her needs safely.”

Then the question: Where can she go to receive the best care? It wasn’t as daunting an issue, as it ends up, as it could’ve been. Grant said, in short order, he found Healthcare Resort of Wichita.

“The caretakers at the facility, top notch,” McCleod explained. “The people were great. She didn’t have a lot of money. So we the first thing we needed to do is almost $25,000.”

The pre-payment covered the next two months on his mother’s stay. Sadly though, she passed not long after her arrival at the facility. McCleod said that’s when things started getting “weird.”

He was due a refund for the time his mother would no longer be spending at the facility. He said he waited weeks, made several calls and was eventually told that a check had been “cut.” More days passed, but that check did not come. Nor did it arrive weeks later when he was again told the check had been “cut.” McCloed said it was frustrating, especially while grieving the death of his mother. He said it became less about the money and more about the memory the fight to be paid back was creating.

“It’s one thing to have to relive the fact that she’s gone, but to have to beg for money, it just it diminishes what she was. And that’s really what is bothering me now,” he said.

That’s when McCleod made the decision to contact Factfinder 12. A last resort after calling the attorney general, the district attorney and numerous attempts to reconcile with the facility that cared for his mother. What did he want? Of course, the refund he’d been promised, but now he also wanted an apology.

“Somebody, truthfully, stating that, ‘hey, we made a mistake’ and stepping up and owning it.” he said. “It’s my mom’s memory, and you know, it’s wrong.”

Factfinder 12 got in touch with the Healthcare Resort of Wichita, now called Azeira Health after a changing of ownership that may have complicated McCleod’s refund process. They thanked us for bringing the issue to their attention and issued a statement saying in part.

“We conducted an audit and found that several others were also due a refund. Refunds were processed as quickly as possible and have since been mailed. It is never our intention to cause distress or cause concern. This was an accidental over-site that was quickly remedied once brought to our attention. At this time, all files have been audited and residents found to be whole.”

Soon after, Factfinder 12 confirmed with Grant McCleod that he had received his repayment.

Sometimes it just takes a phone call to the right people to get the right things done. If you have an issue you think Factfinder 12 may be able to help you resolve, let us know by dropping us an email at

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